The literary world turned its attention to the St. Regis Hotel in Houston last week, where a grand book launch party celebrated the newest bestseller on Amazon, ‘Barbours Cut: Beyond the RIver’s Reach’. Penned by the talented Nancy E. Potter, the novel offers readers an intimate journey through the remarkable achievements of Clyde Barbour, a figure who transformed not only the Houston Ship Channel but significantly advanced the industry standards for Carbon Black production and much more.

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“Nancy Potter’s recounting of the lives of her great-grandparents recreates the bayous of Louisiana and the boardrooms of New York City in such detail that you’ll be transported back in time and to places you’ve never been. Her characters’ struggles and successes will inspire you. It was particularly exciting for me to read about these people who lived at Oaklawn Manor as I have for many years. The town of Franklin, Louisiana, has felt indebted to Captain Barbour since the Great Depression when he renovated Oaklawn keeping so many townspeople employed.”

Mrs. Mike (Alice) Foster, Former First Lady of Louisiana 1996-2006

Barbours Cut is a literary journey that captivates the reader from the onset, weaving a rich tapestry of triumph, emotion, and wit. Following the remarkable rise of Clyde Barbour, this enthralling tale not only entertains but educates, providing valuable insights into seizing opportunities and navigating life’s complex paths. The fusion of romance, suspense, and humor breathes life into a rags-to-riches story that resonates with real human experience. Clyde Barbour’s wisdom and humanity make him a relatable and inspiring figure. You won’t want to put this book down; it’s a guide and companion for anyone seeking to flourish in life with grace and intelligence.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Nancy Potter draws on a wealth of family history to bring this unique story to life. It is the rags-to-riches story of her great-grandparents’ lives around the turn of the 20th century. It reads like historical fiction but then, inserted among the pages, are amazing, vintage photographs of the real characters, reminding the reader that this is a true story. Nancy’s wealth of knowledge and attention to detail add much credibility to this remarkable story. I couldn’t put it down.”

Willard Howe, Author of the International bestseller, Sticks in the Clouds.

“I was roped into the story from the very first page and didn’t want to put it down. Barbours Cut has a great combination of rags-to-riches story, suspense, romance, humor, real human emotion, and one of my favorite elements, insight into how someone with a poor back- ground was able to spot one opportunity after another and capitalize on them. Clyde Barbour is a good role model for almost anybody on how to get ahead in the world in an intelligent and humanistic way.”

Mike Rydin, Former HCSS CEO

“As it takes you down the Mississippi River and then to Texas, Mexico, and New York, Barbours Cut is so engrossing and at times so grip- ping that you completely forget it’s a story about real people and their lives. Nancy Potter brings to life people whose voices you can hear and emotions you can feel, she evokes them all so vividly that you feel you’re in the room with them.”

Judy O’Beirn, President, Hasmark Publishing Intr.

“Growing up in south Louisiana I can appreciate the many references to the Louisiana culture and hospitality. In our current generation we don’t fully appreciate the vision and hard work of so many great leaders before us, that built the infrastructure we rely on today! Ms Potter does a wonderful job of making history personal.” 

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“It’s a great read. Nancy Potter weaves stories about our shared ancestors I had learned over the years (and many I didn’t know) into a seamless, whirlwind trip through history. She brings to life these characters (real, long-gone people) as they rise out of the pages, take ahold of my imagination, and transport me back in time to join them on their bigger-than-life adventure.” 

Amazon Kindle Review


Mike Barbour: “I just finished the book. What an incredible story. I could not put it down. Who is going to play “The Captain” in the movie?”


Eddie S: “This book is talking about how much Captain Barbour loves his wife…I feel just like him!!!”

Carol Tralie: “By the second page I was in. It starts with so much happening! I had to stop at one point because I was so scared that Jennie was going to die!”


Barbara Wingfield: “Had to let you know…! I just cried my first tears when I read about Jenny’s shitty father’s reaction when she returned home with Clyde to see and get her sister! His proposal and ring dried the tears and I’m back in it again. No time lost while I wait for laundry to buzz!!! You did it!!!!! It’s a MUST READ! Thank you! Big HUG.”


Troy West: “I’m not a reader (unless you count The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary) but I’m traveling to Louisville today and I’m on Chapter 13 already! Naturally I can see the story unfolding but it certainly has my attention (which is pretty good for an ADD engineer!). Really enjoying the book.


Great book, Nancy, I finished it! I found so many parallels to mom and Mike which made it even more special. I’d like to buy books for my kids, maybe others…As I was reading I was thinking it would make a great movie! Before he dies, you need to somehow reach Paul Newman’s agent, he did a movie at Oaklawn (The Drowning Pool), it’s be cool if he would draw some fond memory from the movie and help get a Barbours Cut movie going. I could almost imagine him (Governor Mike Foster) reading your book and fully respecting Barbour. He would have absolutely loved the book. I got choked up at the end too, I could see it playing out…I’ve been in Louisville for a few days. I could see the Ohio River from the hotel, which connected me back to the book, read it every night after my meetings.”


Janet Appleton: “Nancy your story is amazing and ALL the research and years you put in it your success is so very well deserved!! Who knew I would have such an author as a friend!”


Chris Galjour: “Dear Nancy, I wanted to write back to let you know that I recently finished your book. What can I say other than I loved it. I’ll spare you from a book report and just say that I was hooked on it after the first two chapters, and couldn’t wait to see how the story developed as I got deeper into it. The stories you created, the fiction parts of the book , I thought were amazingly well written, and together with the factual elements made the book truly interesting. The ending I found to be somewhat sad. What a shame Clyde died so young ,at the peak of his wealth, power, and influence. And what a loss to the family, as he (Clyde) knew that there was no one to replace him as patriarch. Maybe it was Jesse , or perhaps Lilly, only you would know, but I look forward to finding out when your next book gets published. I hope it will be completed sometime soon. Congratulations Nancy on your first book. I truly enjoyed it and hope many others do as well. All the best, CG”


Eric Davis: “Just finished the book Nancy and thoroughly enjoyed it. He was quite the entrepreneur and also quite the ladies man. Loved the Margie and Becky reference.”


Jennifer Cantrelle: “Into it from the very first page. It’s going to make a great movie! Epic! Looking forward to book #2. it’s also heavy! Hard for these “senior” arms to hold up. Will it be offered on Kindle? I agree with you about the mini-series. If a movie, it would be epic, like Gone With the Wind! Yes, really. WHEN, not if, it comes to that make sure you keep control over content!”


Rick Werner (Linda): “Hi Nancy, I just wanted to let you know that I just finished Barbour’s Cut and I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I loved the depictions of life on the Mississippi and the humble beginnings of Clyde and his family. It was a real Horatio Alger rags to riches saga, while money and success drove him he still could relate to everyone. I appreciate your diligence in researching it all and putting it to print. I personally think it would make a fine movie. Anyhow, I thought I would give my feedback and congratulations. Rick Werner”


Pat Barbour: “I have read it and some of my family are getting it for Christmas. Great story about a great man. I never that much about my family, but loved every second of this book. Great job!”


Janis: “Nancy. I am reading your book. Just set it down to write and tell you how much I love it. Enjoying your exceptional descriptions as all come to life as I turn each page. Will write again when I finish. My very best…”

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